Recent Video Work at Visit York

Whilst working at Visit York, I’ve been trying to develop my videography and learn more about editing video. So I thought I’d share a few examples of the work I’ve been doing and I’d be more than open to any critique and advice on how to improve.

York Balloon Fiesta

For this video, I enlisted the help of my friend, Woody, who has been doing video since university. We were lucky enough to get a chance to go up in a hot air balloon which, whilst giving us stunning scenery, presented us with some logistical issues.

First of all, we had very little space to move around in the basket, so between the two of us, whilst looking through our screens, we had to manoeuvre¬†around each other. We also faced the issue of everything being quite far away, so some of the shots weren’t great quality due to us not having a large enough zoom lens. Nonetheless, here is the final product.

York Christmas Breaks

This one is a completely different style. I’ve been wanting to try this kind of social media video for quite a while. It’s much quicker to produce than something like the Balloon Fiesta video because a) I don’t need to film a load of specific video for it and b) because I don’t have to spend ages looking through footage, cutting it, etc.

I created this as part of a campaign to promote Christmas breaks in York, so this video was part of a blog post, a landing page and a social media strategy. You’ll notice that there is no music. I recently read that 85% of people watch video with no sound, so I wasn’t sure it was worth the effort to find music just for the sake of it.

The Great York Ghost Search

Whilst planning content for the Great York Ghost Search campaign I came up with the idea of a flickering light video to promote the mini ghosts and show them off for the first time. The only problem was, I had no idea how to do that effect…

I did a bit of research and some playing around and finally got the video above. I created the original image with one ghost in Photoshop and then created an identical image but with multiple ghosts. Then I created took the image with one ghost and darken it to the same colour as the edges of the original image. This makes it look like the light is flickering on and off, rather than just going to a black screen.

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