How to create social media video for under £100

It’s no secret that video performs great on social media, but how do you create video on a budget?

To get started with creating video for social media you don’t need a full film studio set up and an expensive camera. All you need to create video for your social media is a smartphone and this short list of equipment that you can get on Amazon for less than £100.

Smartphone Video Rig Aff


Smartphone Video Rig

This super handy smartphone video rig makes holding your phone steady so much easier. I’ve used it for both horizontal video, as well as using it vertically for live video.

There are two shoes on the top of the rig for a microphone and a light on top. There are also two screw holes on sides to be able to fasten it to a tripod.

Rode VideoMicro Compact On Camera Microphone Aff


There’s nothing that ruins a great video quite as much as poor sound quality. When I started creating a YouTube show, we went through three different mics before settling on the Rode VideoMicro Microphone.

It’s lightweight and comes with a detachable wind buffer. The directional mic is great for picking up audio from the front and sides but negates audio from behind. Even if you’re filming outdoors or in a room of people, the audio should be pretty crisp.

Rode Smartphone Converter Cable Aff


Something I had to learn the hard way. Not all microphones work with smartphones. Because smartphone headphone jacks are headphone and microphone jacks, they only work with specific mics. If you look at a microphone cable, you’ll notice black bands on the jack. Three bands means it will work on smartphones and two means it is a mic jack only.

Luckily, you can convert a mic using the Rode smartphone converter cable. At just £10 it’s a cheap way to convert any microphone into a smartphone mic.

*Note: If you’re using an iPhone without a headphone jack, you will need your iPhone headphone adapter.

Portable LED Light Aff


The final essential for filming is a light. Even if you’re outdoors or in a well-lit room, you might find that the shadow on a person or product isn’t quite right.

This portable light isn’t the cheapest option, but it gives a wide range of colours and levels of brightness. It also has a shoe adapter which means you can attach it to the smartphone rig.

Total: £99

This equipment is great for a small business or solopreneur just starting out. If you’ve got the budget, I recommend picking up some extra lights and a camera. Or, if you’ve got a big project, hire a professional to come in and film.

If you are interested in doing more video yourself, I plan on creating some guides on how to do basic video edits on Premiere Pro and maybe on other tools I find. If this might be of interest to you, find me on social media (@almilner05) and let me know.

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