Whether you’re a new brand wanting to get started on social media or an established brand looking for a fresh approach to digital marketing, a strategy document is a good stepping stone.

Get a brief strategy document written for social media, email marketing, content marketing or a website review starting at £50. Use the information in this brief to create and implement your own plan or check out our social media consultancy or management plans.

When you sign up for a social media consultancy or management plan, get £50 back on your first invoice.
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
    £50 One-off
    A brief document highlighting the areas of social media that your brand could be utilising.
  • Content Marketing Strategy
    £50 One-off
    Want to start a blog or video series for your brand? This document will outline topic ideas and how to get started.
  • Website and SEO Evaluation
    £50 One-off
    Not sure how to improve your site? This report will outline website performance enhancers and a brief SEO report.
  • Email List Building Strategy
    £50 One-off
    This plan will help you to grow and optimise your mailing list to help you get the most return of investment out of it.
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