So you’ve decided to get to know a bit about me? Well, I’m going to keep it brief. As much as I love social media and digital communication, nothing beats face-to-face communication (or where distance or prevents that, phone/skype). So if there’s anything more you want to know, I’d encourage you to contact me directly.

Right now, I’m a 23-year-old with a lot of ambition. I’m living in Leeds as of July 2016. I moved there with my girlfriend of 2 years to meet new people and experience a new city. Up until then I had spent 2 years in York. I love York and moving was a difficult decision, but it lacked the fast-paced city life that Leeds has to offer.

When I’m not thinking about work, I hate to admit, I like watching Netflix… I’ve been a huge fan of House of Cards. My girlfriend and I were late to the show, so we binge watched the first 3 seasons for six weeks so we could be up to date and watch the fourth. We’ve now got a long wait until season 5.

When I’m not in front of a screen, either working or Netflixing,  I love to get outdoors. I’ve made a habit of visiting National Trust properties. Along with this, I’ve developed a love for hiking and rock climbing. I’m still very much an amateur at all of these, but I’m hoping to build up to climbing Ben Nevis in 2017.

Rock Climbing

I look a lot higher than I am…

One of the highlights from the last couple of years was being able to climb York Minster. No, no. Not climb it like the picture above. Walk up the scaffolding. Up until last year, there was scaffolding on the east side of the Minster. My old housemate was a stonemason and his manager had arranged a visit to climb the Minster. The invitation was offered to me and I am so glad I took it! What a view! I was able to see some incredible views and touch ancient stone. What’s even more incredible is now that the scaffolding is down, there’s a good chance that no one will see those same views or touch that same stone for around 100 years. Plus, it’s a kind of cool talking point as I walk past. However, my friends and family who have heard the story might disagree…

Top of the Minster

This statue can be found at the top of the stained glass window on the east side.

I hope this has been an interesting glimpse into my life. It’s very brief, I know, but there is a lot more going on in my professional life too, so feel free to go read that. You can also read my blog or find me on social media to chat.


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