I regularly set goals for myself. Sometimes these are a bit ambitious, other times my priorities change. I figured by putting my goals up publicly, it will hold me more account and help me to achieve them. I started this page at the end of July 2016.

Goals for August

No fizzy drinks – Anyone that knows me knows that my diet is attrocious. So I’m going to keep adding little challenges for myself every month to improve it.
Run 5k in one go – It’s been a while since I ran. I’ve had trouble with shin splints, but I live close enough to a park now, so I should be able to run without an issue.
Write one blog post – I can go weeks without writing a post and then I’ll write three or four in a day. So I’m just trying to create some consistancy.

Goals for 2016

Read 12 book – I’m currently on 3. This might not sound impressive, but at the start of the year I’d only ever finished 3 books. So 3 in half a year isn’t bad.
Set up my own business – I completed this at the start of January (took me 3 days). Now I’m focussing on my new role at Clubit.

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