In 2019, I set myself the challenge to develop my photography and video skills. Milner Creative is my journey.

Every year I set myself a few goals for personal and professional development. My 2019 goals included getting better at photography and videography. To make this challenge something I could stick at throughout the year, I chose 12 skills and techniques for photography and video and aim to work on one each month.

To track my progress I’ve created an Instagram account @milnercreative, where I’ll only post photos and videos from this challenge. It’s mostly for me to see my progress, but I’m inviting you to come along for the journey.

For most shots, I also plan on filming a “how I got the shot” style video. I’ll be sharing these on my YouTube channel, as well as on my blog. These videos will show how I’m really learning as I go.

If you’re joining me on this journey, I hope you enjoy it and maybe even learn a thing or two.