It’s another year. It’s a cliche time, but perfect time, to set new goals and evaluate my life, my prioitise and where I want to head. This post as usual is just about making me a little bit accountable to the people of the internet who might read this.

Personal Goals

Run a half marathon – Last year I started running doing Park Runs and a marathon relay with friends from work. It gave me the running bug and workout bug. I’m also doing a tough mudder in May, so I figure some of the training for each can overlap.

Read 12 books – This is the third year I’ve set this goal. But each year I read more books, but never quite 12. This is going to be the year I manage it. I have quite a few books I want to read, but if you could recommend any, hit me up on Twitter (@almilner05).

Do regular tech detoxes – I’d be the first to admit I’m a bit too addicted to tech. Whether it’s my phone, Netflix or just having headphones in. I’m going to set aside specific days/weekends where I don’t touch any tech. No phone. No TV. No music. I wil read, I will write, I will sit in silence, I will talk to people in real life.

Professional Goals

Make £4,000 from freelancing – I’m going to start putting myself out there a bit more and competing to do more paid work. This is part of my longer term plan to go self employed.

Start a CIM course (or similar) – This goal is about upskilling. Last year I completed my Level 4 Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing. This year, I want to keep developing and upskilling. A CIM course would be a great way to round out my marketing knowledge.

Document my business activities – I watched Gary Vee religiously for about a year a couple of years ago. What I was most envious about was his ability to go back to previous episodes and reference them. I want to be able to have a record of my life that I can look back on to remember where I came from and learn something from.

Build a stronger network and develop relationships – I want to start surrounding myself with the right kind of people. So I’m going to aim to spend more time with those I look up to and meet more people that can bring me value.

Milner Creative

One more goal that covers both professional and personal development is that I wanted to get better at video and photography. I created a new Instagram account called @milnercreative. Over 2019, I have picked 12 skills/themes for video and photography that I want to learn and develop. Each month I will post 3 pictures and 3 videos showcasing what I have learnt.

This account is more for me to document what I’ve learnt and for me to look back on at the end of the year. But obviously, we live in a world where likes and followers are like air. So if you wanted to follow along, like some of the posts or offer feedback, that would be very appreciated.

  • Steven Bailey

    It’s nice to see someone put down a clear and concise plan for the next 12 months. Your aims are realistic but require effort and commitment to complete them all. I wish you all the best over this year and beyond and look forward to seeing how you get on.

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