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Recently, I met up with Fardin, an inspirational speaker who gained thousands of Snapchat followers in under a year and asked him how he did it.

At present, it’s pretty difficult to find new people or get new followers organically in Snapchat. However, if you have a blog or a business that targets 13-24 year olds, Snapchat is a great place to be.

Fardin is a motivational speaker who has built a following on Snapchat whilst studying at university. I met up with him to ask him how he did it and this is the advice he shared.

Figure out you

What is it you do and what do you want to snap about? If you’re a blogger, you might want to do a ‘behind the scenes’ of your photo shoots or show how you prepare for writing a blog. Loosely decide the topics you want to talk about and the journeys you want to take your followers on. You might even just want to use Snapchat as a mini vlog.

Brand ‘you’

Carrying on from the last paragraph, define what your ‘brand’ or ‘personality’ is. Are you funny? Do you talk about deep, serious topics? Once you’ve got this figured out, set up your branding across all of your other social media.

Because there is no real discovery in Snapchat (yet), your first option is to capitalise on your current social media followers. Put your Snapchat name in the bio of your other social media and put out a couple of posts asking your current audience to follow you. You can share a link that when clicked on a mobile takes them straight to your Snapchat – – replace my user with your username. Click the link to see what happens 😉

Give them a reason to follow, as well. If you can, do a Snapchat exclusive giveaway. If not, create a short video that encapsulates brand ‘You’ and share it to show them what they’re missing by not following you.

Ghost Codes

Because Snapchat doesn’t have real discovery (you might be able to tell that this annoys me a little bit), another app has been created to help out. Ghost Codes is THE go-to app to get discovered on Snapchat. It allows you upload your Snapcode, a description and short video to introduce yourself (all features Snapchat should have). You can then choose interests and what category you want to appear under, making it easier for people to find you.

Once you’re happy with your profile, choose a category and start looking for Snapchatters to follow. I would recommend finding a dozen Snapchatters in your category that are ranked higher. This will allow you to see what they’re doing and could give you some ideas for your own story.

You can order each category by a few different variants including ‘newest users’. Here you can see the people newest to Ghost Codes. From here you can give ‘kudos’ (the equivalent of a like) and download their Snapcode. When you do either of these, they get a notification. If you like what the person says in their bio, you can add them on Snapchat and many will add you too.

This is a great way to grow a targeted following. But there is more that can be done.


Now that you have followed a load of Snapchatters in your area of interest (and many have followed you back), start sending them messages. I like to send them a quick video snap, introducing myself and asking them what they do.

This gets the conversation going. Learn a little more about them and see if their audience is similar to the audience you want or audience you have. If they are a similar size to you, or if you can offer them something else in return, ask if they would like to do a story takeover.

A takeover means that they go on your Snapchat and you go on theirs and do a short story to each others’ audience. This is your chance to introduce yourself to their audience and give them a good reason to follow you on Snapchat.

To start with, you might only be reaching out to Snapchatters who get a few views per story. But that’s fine. If you do more takeovers your followers will grow over time, you’ll soon be able to reach out to bigger Snapchatters. As you start working with bigger Snapchatters, you’ll see your followers start to snowball. This won’t happen overnight. Like anything, the best results come to those who work at it consistently for a long time.


Hearing Fardin’s advice was great for me as I’ve been looking at going in a little bit more on Snapchat this year and growing my audience there. Whilst Facebook is going all in on Snapchat-styled Stories, I think it will still be a while before Snapchat doesn’t offer value.

I’m going to try out Fardin’s advice and keep you posted and I invite you to do the same and see if you can grow your audience. Obviously, I’d love it if you followed me on Snapchat – milner05. Just click the link to add me. You can follow Fardin on Snapchat and Twitter – @Fardin987

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